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We hope to one day set up Official Lunar Land Headquarters! Until then… here’s a bit about what we do and how we got started. Official Lunar Land was created out of necessity as buying and selling lunar real estate needed a vessel to operate. Here at Official Lunar Land we sell Land on the Moon and Planet Mars Land as authorized agents of IAOHPE (the International Association Of Human Planetary Exploration).

We have been selling lunar land for 3 decades and our team of driven professional are here to make your lunar land purchasing experience memorable and remarkable. Official Lunar Land continuously working to keep you updated on current information and laws regarding your lunar land purchase. We make sure you’re the first to learn about any special offers that are being offered on the Official Lunar Land websites. Once you have purchased lunar land from us, your information will automatically be registered. All Lunar Land Owners information and land coordinates are stored with the International Association Of Human Planetary Exploration (IAOHPE).

Sooner rather than later, Lunar Land will put up other heavenly grounds in our Solar System for sale to the public. Because of conceivable restricted accessibility, current Lunar Land proprietors will be told first when different grounds become accessible, so as to hold future properties. It would be ideal if you join our bulletin for more data about the Lunar Land’s future ventures.

Why is registration of all Lunar Land property important to us?

Well we hope to bring other celestial lands in our solar system to market in the near future. When celestial lands become limited, we want our Official Lunar Land owners to have first dibs to join our registry. By storing your information, you can reserve future properties. This stored information will also come into play if colonization occurs. Please join our newsletter to learn about any important news and future projects by Official Lunar Land.

Our Customer Service Representatives devoted to helping you in any way within a 24 hour period. 

The Legality Behind Official Lunar Land’s Right To Offer Land on the Moon

Lunar Land for sale

The UN Outer Space Treaty of 1967 outlines laws on owning extraterrestrial property. According to the treaty no government can own extraterrestrial property. It does not mention anything about ownership by individuals or corporations. Because of this loophole, it is possible to stake a claim for land in space. This land has been surveyed and registered with the US Office of Claim Registries. (this policy follows code dating back to early US settlers).

Be careful with other fake ‘Lunar Land’ organizations selling Moon property. They may appear to be genuine, however the Lunar Land organization has been THE WORLDS MOST RECOGNIZED CELESTIAL REAL ESTATE AGENCY to have a lawful trademark and copyright for the closeout of extraterrestrial property inside the bounds of our nearby planetary group for a considerable length of time.

Media love for the Official Lunar Land company

Lunar Land is fortunate enough to have gained much media coverage. With features in over 750 newspapers and magazine articles, as well as mentions on popular TV shows, Official Lunar Land is no secret. In addition, our press coverage has allowed us to be featured in over 200 countries worldwide!

Lunar Land News

Moon Property Information

Official Lunar Land

The accompanying guide of the Moon shows zones of the Lunar surface that have just been sold.

The moon map also outlines areas known as Lunar Reserve Areas as well as Cities. If you’re concerned that there’s not much left for sale, let us put those fears to rest. The map shows only the side of the moon that is facing Earth. It does not show the entire area of the moon which actually holds several billion properties.

If you’re wondering how such a large number of properties could possibly exist? Well that’s because, unlike on Earth, there are no oceans to take up 70% of the space. Bonus for all of us! Even though Official Lunar Land has been in business for decades and has sold to millions of acres of land on the moon and planet mars land to customers, we still have so much more to offer for people just like you!


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